Our Services

Ironclad Solutions offer a complete industrial roof and cladding refurbishment service, with minimal disruption to your business.

Our extensive range of refurbishment services includes:

Over-Clad Systems

An over-clad system works by providing a brand new cladding and installing it over the top of your ineffective existing one.

This provides you with additional protection from the elements and also additional thermal efficiency for your building.

Strip and Re-Sheeting

Strip and re-sheeting is another option in the refurbishment of a building. Asbestos cement roofing is one of the main reasons. MWS can safely remove and replace asbestos cement sheeting with modern materials.

All of our experienced installers are asbestos trained with all current regulations.

Gutter Linings

Gutter lining is the most cost effective way of stopping your gutter from leaks. The lining is installed into the existing gutter with no disruption to the underneath.

Our gutter lining systems have a minimum 25 year guarantee unlike many metal replacements.

Rooflight Replacement

Many buildings require a source of natural light and therefore have rooflights incorporated into the roof. Rooflights can be of various materials and design such as northlight glazing, domes and GRP translucent sheets.

Defective and ageing rooflights can often be the cause of roof leaks or insufficient light levels. MWS has many years experience replacing all types of rooflights with up to date systems. These include single skin and factory assembled insulated GRP rooflights, GRP and polycarbonate domes and pyramids

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